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John Odom

John Odom has worked in the Excavation & Construction industry for 20 + years, gaining experience in concrete, construction, excavation, utilities, and development. Being a native of Idaho, born in Twin Falls, he is extremely passionate about growth in the Treasure Valley and being a part of the huge boom in housing developments. In addition to running a successful Excavation and Concrete Company, he is also involved in professional GTR racing, having won multiple races across the US, beating out some of the world’s top race car drivers.

Outside of the office, John enjoys raising his family, which includes five beautiful kids that range from one to nineteen years old. He is non-stop and loves to work on-site, moving equipment or staking areas by 5 am before his crews even arrive and visits all projects throughout the day, ensuring things run smoothly. In a nutshell, John is not afraid to get dirty to get things done and is the farthest thing from a procrastinator. Beneath John’s 6’4 stance is a heart of gold. He is over the top and gregarious, and you wouldn’t want him any other way.

Dale Newberry

Dale Newberry was born in Winchester, Kentucky, on October 25th, 1944. Raised in Indiana, he then moved to California in 1964. In 1965, he joined the U.S Navy, serving as a shipboard electrician for four years, making three cruises to Vietnam on board an aircraft carrier.

After discharge in 1969, Dale decided to partner with his father and two brothers to make carbide cutting tools for machine shops. The business was started in a carport without walls. Eventually, the company grew over a period of 10 years, building a customer base in southern California before slowly reaching out to other states.

The business, Micro 100 Tool Corp., was moved to Idaho in May 1980 with four family members and four employees and their families. The business continued to grow, expanding the national distributor base before adding international distributors. Five acres of land was then purchased in Meridian, ID in 1984, and erected a 12,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility. Another five acres were purchased adjacent to the property, which provided more space, growing to over 52,000 sq. ft. and over 100 employees. They had distribution throughout the U.S and over 50 countries.

In 1994, Dale bought out his father and one brother, serving as President of the company until selling the business in 2019. He was selected to be the Small Businessman of the Year for the state of Idaho in 1998 by the SBA administration. Concurrently, he was also selected to be the Small Business of the Year for the Meridian Chamber of Commerce. In an honor without precedent, he was again selected by the Meridian Chamber to be the Businessman of the Year in 2013. Senator Risch presented Micro 100 as the business of the month before the U.S Senate in 2017.

Throughout the years, Dale has made every effort to be a Godly man, being ethical in his business and personal dealings, and treating all people, especially his fellow employees, with respect and dignity. He has attended the Ten Mile Christian church since moving to Idaho in 1980 and has served as an Elder in the church since 1985. He continues to make this his highest priority.

After selling the business in 2019 and retiring, Dale has started a new venture in housing development, partnering with John Odom and his business, HMH Construction. They have currently purchased several pieces of land and are in the process of developing them into subdivisions.